4 Pedestrians Killed in Miami’s I-95 Accident

Miami, Florida March 5, 2011 –A series of accidents occurring just before 5 a.m. on the northbound lane of I-95, near the NW 103rd Street Exit.  The two accidents have claimed the lives of four pedestrians and left three more injured.

A report by the Florida Highway Patrol stated that the  five people involved in a 3-car accident were originally unharmed.  Five people involved in accident had exited their vehicles.  As they began to walk along Interstate 95 they were struck by oncoming vehicle.  Four of the pedestrians were killed and the fifth victim was taken to  Jackson Memorial.

According to quote by Lt. Alex Annunziato of the Florida Highway Patrol in a CBS Miami story,  the victims were walking along the roadway checking on everyone’s condition (involved in the original 3-car accident) when they were struck by the unidentified vehicle.

Two people traveling in the unidentified vehicle that struck the pedestrians were also injured. The status of their injuries is unknown at this time.

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