Box Truck Crashes Into Three Vehicles

Connecticut (October 31, 2011)  A box truck driver crashed into three vehicles as he exited I-95 in Norwalk.  According to the Norwalk Police the driver was traveling at a high rate of speed getting off Interstate 95 at Exit 16.  The truck went over the curb and crashed head-on with a minivan on East Avenue, the truck continued on and struck a second car.  The driver unable to maintain control of the vehicle finally struck a BMW SUV before finally coming to a stop.

An unidentified woman in the minivan was injured and transported to Norwalk Hospital. She had an infant and young child in the minivan at the time.  The infant did not appear injured and taken in the ambulance with the mother.  The driver of the second vehicle sustained minor injuries. The female driver of the BMW and her two young children did not appear to sustain any serious injuries.

The driver of the box truck had an outstanding warrant for his arrest and was taken into custody at the scene.  The driver also faces charges for reckless driving, and driving without a license according to the Norwalk Police.

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