Bus Splits and Kills 14

Bronx, New York March 12, 2011 РA casino tour bus leaving the Mohegan Sun casino in Uncasville, Connecticut was involved in an accident that left passengers  trapped in metal, maimed, lacerated by glass, one passenger decapitated, and left 14 dead.

Ophadell Williams, driver of the bus traveling southbound on I-95, claims he was clipped by a tractor trailer that sped away after the accident. After the the contact with the truck, the bus lost control, fell onto its side, and slid for about 100 yards. The bus then hit a sign that crashed through the front window and cut the bus in half. Captain James Ellson reports the gruesome nature of the accident by adding that “it was a pile of humans, either still in their seats or on the floor, wrapped in the metal, wrapped in the wreckage”.

The New York Times reports that the accident is still under investigation.

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