Children Safe After Drunk Father Falls Asleep on I-95

Massachusetts (October 16, 2011)  Fredly Misere, 30, was charged with drunken driving and child endangerment on I-95 Sunday Morning in Attleboro.  Massachusetts State Police received a call at 7:30 a.m. that a disabled vehicle was blocking the far left lane of I-95 South near Exit 3.  When the Trooper arrived, the Mercedes Benz SUV had been loaded onto the flatbed because it was in such a dangerous spot.

The tow truck operator advised the State Police that he had arrived on the scene and found Fredly Misere slumped over the steering wheel, with a corona light between his legs.  The tow truck Operator pounded on the driver’s window to wake Misere, who then exited the Mercedes Benz SUV.

The State trooper then began to question Fredly Misere, because of the driver’s actions and appearance, a sobriety test was warranted.  Based on the  fact the tow truck was in the fast lane of I-95 south just below a hill and the imminent danger, the tow truck and trooper quickly moved from the location of the incident.

With Fredly Misere in the cruiser, the trooper followed the tow truck operator to tow yard, where the trooper felt it was safest place to conduct a field sobriety test.  Mr. Misere mentioned he had concerns for his daughters, during the ride to the tow yard, but did not mention they were in the back seat of the vehicle.  At the time Fredly Misere convened the children were with a friend in Boston.

Upon arrival at the tow yard, the tow truck operator got out of the truck and heard crying.  When the operator opened the rear doors of the Mercedes Benz SUV, the tow truck operator discovered a 4 year-old girl and her 3-month-old sister.   The girls were not harmed and transported to Sturdy Hospital for examination.  The girl’s mother was notified and instructed to go to Sturdy Hospital.

State Police arrested 30 year-old Fredly Misere for drunken driving, child endangerment and a list of other offenses.  This was Misere’s second offense of drunken driving.

The girls were not discovered earlier because the Mercedes Benz SUV had heavily tinted rear windows which prevented the tow truck operator from noticing the girls, when the State Police arrived on the scene the vehicle had already been lifted onto the flatbed tow truck.

The quick actions of the tow truck operator and the State trooper most likely saved the two little girls lives by getting then out of the extreme peril a drunken father had placed them in.

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