Driver Survives Rollover on I-95

Florida (September 8, 2011)  A BMW overturned on I-95 north around 1 p.m. near Exit 52-Atlantic Avenue.  The Delray Beach Fire-Rescue responded to the crash scene where they found the BMW upside down near the concrete wall.  The unidentified driver was able to free himself from the vehicle prior to the arrival of the fire-rescue.

The driver sustained minor injuries and was treated on the scene.

One northbound lane of Interstate 95 was closed while crews worked to clean up a small gasoline spill.

One Thought on “Driver Survives Rollover on I-95

  1. Florida Driver on September 9, 2011 at 9:44 am said:

    I witnessed this accident. The driver was driving out of control/ very, very fast and was exceeding the speed limit. The driver tried to cut into lanes where other cars were present. This driver almost Killed several people because of his or her carelessness.
    This is an accident that could have been avoided IF the driver was not speeding way over the speed limit. The driver then lost control of the car because he or she was trying to get in and out of lanes while driving EXTREMELY fast.

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