Drunk Driver involved in 7 car accident

Rhode Island (August 22,2011)  According to Rhode Island state police a 7 car accident occurred early Sunday morning Shutting down traffic on I-95 south near Lonsdale Avenue.

State police have charged a 25-year-old man, Derrick Azevedo of Pawtucket, with drunken driving.

Azevedo struck four vehicles, the vehicles were involved in minor fender benders near Exit 26-Route 122.  State Police Lt. Kelsey A. Marsall stated that 2 cars collided in the high speed lane, a third car stopped to help but was hit by a 4th car.

A 5th car then stopped to assist but was hit by Azevedo, the alleged drunk driver.  His car then veered to the right, hitting a seventh car as well as three other vehicles involved.

Six out of 10 people involved in the crash were taken to area hospitals with non-life threatening injuries.  Four were taken to Rhode Island Hospital, and two to Woman and Infants.

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