Ducks Crossing I-95 Cascades into Overturned Brinks Armored Truck

PORT ORANGE, FL (March 18, 2011) Shortly after 1 p.m. a Brinks armored truck overturned after swerving to avoid another vehicle that was had stopped to allow a mother duck and her ducklings to cross Interstate 95 near the State Road 421 exit.

According to Florida Highway Patrol, an unidentified driver stopped in an attempt to give safe passage to the water fowl. The Brinks’ driver turned sharply to avoid a rear-end collision, causing the armored vehicle to overturn. Fortunately those in the Brinks truck suffered only minor injuries and were treated at the scene according to officials.

The vehicle that had stopped on the highway left the scene before FHP arrived. According to a report in the Orlando Sentinel, the Brinks driver believes the unidentified driver was female, but was unable to give any further description.

As for the ducklings, they were unharmed and were taken by Volusia County Animal Control. However, the mother duck was killed sometime during the accident according to FHP.

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