Ford Mustang chase ends with shooting on I-95

Florida (August 25, 2011)  A Ford Mustang crashed on I-95 north after a Police chase that started around 9 p.m.  Authorities said Miami-Dade’s Tactical Narcotics Team pulled over the Ford Mustang that was driving erratically.  When Detectives got out of their car and attempted to approach the vehicle, the Johnny A. Outler, 34 took off, nearly striking an officer.

The Ford Mustang sped down Interstate 95 north, hitting an unmarked Miami-Dade Police Department vehicle.  The car chase ended when the Outler’s Ford Mustang crashed head-on into the concrete center median near exit 16- Ives Dairy Road.  Johnny A. Outler fled on foot into the nearby woods in an attempt to elude Police.

According to investigators, Police pursued Outler into the woods, and shots were fired in the apprehension.  Outler was taken to Memorial Regional Hospital with a gunshot injury in the lower abdominal.

No Police Officers were injured.  Johnny A. Outler faces a list of charges.

Interstate 95 north was closed for several hours as Police investigate the scene.

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