Interstate 95 Facts

I95I-95 is the major artery with 1,918 miles of roadway that travels north-south from Maine down to Florida.  The birth of this interstate started back in 1956 and its construction, deconstruction, widening, etc., has not stopped.  Here are some additional statistics on good old ’95:

  • 60% of I-95 is “under heavy congestion” based on a five-state Department of Transportation (DOT) report.
  • Cross-Bronx Expressway (portion of I-95) received the dubious “Top 10 ‘Most Dangerous Highways'” according to
  • I-95 in Florida is considered the deadliest road in America according to The Daily Beast, using the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data.
  • The prestigious Philadelphia Highway Patrol started a truck enforcement unit due to the volume of unsafe trucks traveling up and down Philadelphia stretch of this roadway.
  • To quote a former Philadelphia Highway Patrolman, Sgt. Jeff Ziernicki (deceased), “You might as well have a loaded gun in your hand,” referencing the overweight trucks driving along Philadelphia’s I-95.

In 2008, Georgia began its “I-95 G-TACT Enforcement” program to educate drivers on the need to provide more space between themselves and the tractor trailers. Although the campaign actually targeted two different interstate corridors, notice how the program was not named “I-75 G-TACT Enforcement.”

Are you familiar with the Federally mandated “5 Percent Report?”  (Don’t worry, about 99% of the population isn’t.) This Federal mandate requires each state submit a list of the top five percent roadways its considers “most severe” in terms of danger. At least two states listed multiple sections of I-95 that traverse through its respective state.

  • Delaware identified the section of I-95 and US 202.
  • Rhode Island noted six different sections that severe or fatal crashes had occurred.
  • Although Massachusetts did not list this roadway, three years prior, 17 sections of I-95 were on its list; 2007’s report listed seven (7) fatalities and eighty five (85) “serious injury crashes.”

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