MassDot Flatbed Rear Ends Minivan on I-95 North

Massachusetts (June 30, 2011)  A Massachusetts Department of Transportation flatbed truck, driven by Cornelius Driscoll, rear ended a Dodge minivan around 10:30 a.m. on Interstate 95 near Exit 60.  Timothy Proulx, the driver of the Dodge minivan had five people in the vehicle, three were disabled adults.  The force of the collision caused the Dodge minivan to roll over onto its roof and collide with a Mazda minivan.  Two people were able to get out of the Dodge minivan, Rescue workers were able to extract three people from the minivan and they were transported to the hospital. A dog that was in the Dodge minivan escaped from the vehicle and has not been found, the dog is a black chow named Midnight.  Michelle Belfiore, the driver of the Mazda minivan was not injured.  Co-workers took Cornelius Driscoll to the hospital to be checked. State police are investigating the accident, and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation has taken Driscoll off the road.

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