Most Dangerous Road in New Jersey, Route 130

The most dangerous road for pedestrians in the State of New Jersey is Route 130 (Burlington Pike) in Burlington County, according to a recent report issued by the Tri-State Transportation Campaign. Route 130 has held this dubious distinction for the past three years. Fatality statistics indicate ten pedestrians were killed on that section of Route 130 between 2007 and 2009, and at least three additional pedestrians were killed in 2010.

Kate Slevin, Executive Director for the Campaign, described the dangers of this road: “[w]ith three lanes in each direction, a speed limit of 50 mph along most of the route, and dotted with retail destinations, the Burlington Pike is a perfect example of the dangerous suburban thoroughfares we’ve found to be most deadly for pedestrians.” Also on the list of New Jersey’s most dangerous roads were Route 322/40 (Blackhorse Pike) in Atlantic County, Route 1 in Middlesex County, Route 549 in Ocean County, Routes 1 and 9 in Union County, and Route 30 (White Horse Pike) in Atlantic County.

Efforts are underway to improve pedestrian safety on Route 130 and roadways throughout New Jersey. Since 2007, the New Jersey Department of Transportation has completed over 100 pedestrian safety projects in 19 counties, including four on Route 130. Whether these projects continue to move forward remains to be seen as New Jersey communities are facing severe fiscal and budgetary restraints.

With so many dangerous roadways in the region, it is important for pedestrians to follow these safety tips:

  • Obey traffic signals – particularly pedestrian crossing signs
  • Always cross at a corner, and use pedestrian bridges and crosswalks when available
  • Never attempt to cross a road while talking on your cell phone, texting, listening to music or using an electronic device
  • Never cross between parked cars
  • Look both ways before crossing
  • Stay alert – don’t assume that a driver will see you
  • Wear bright or reflective clothing at night

These safety tips will help to improve your chances of safely crossing roads in our region.

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