Motorcycle cuts off vehicle, seriously injuring young boy

Florida (September 14, 2011)  A car crash on I-95 north around 8:30 a.m. injured a mother and her 4 year-old son.  According to the Florida Highway Patrol the driver, Kelli Bellassai was traveling north on I-95, with her two young children just past Exit 31-Oakland Park Boulevard when she was cut off by a motorcycle.

Kelli Bellassai, driving a Nissan Altima, signaled to make a lane change.  She checked to ensure it was safe, and then attempted to change lanes when a motorcycle traveling at a high rate of speed cut her off causing the vehicle to crash into the jersey wall.

Kelli Bellassai sustained minor injuries, her four year-old son was seriously injured with a broken femur.

The right lane of I-95 was closed for about an hour and a half.

The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating this accident.  If you have any information regarding the motorcycle or may have witnessed the accident please contact the Florida Highway patrol.

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