Motorcyclist Killed on Exit Ramp

Florida (September 21, 2011)  A motorcyclist was killed on the I-95 exit ramp for I-595 when he crashed into the concrete wall.  According to the Florida Highway Patrol, 25 year-old James Reis Jr. was on the elevated ramp attempting to get onto I-595 when he lost control of the bike as he entered the curve.  He crashed into the concrete wall and was ejected over the wall, landing 60 feet below.

James Reis Jr. died at the scene.  He was wearing a helmet.

The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating this fatal accident.

This is the second accident in less than a week where a motorcyclist has been thrown over the concrete wall (Motorcyclist Thrown Over Elevated Ramp on I-95) , and the third fatality in less than two months (Double fatality in Motorcycle crash on I-95 ramp).

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  1. He was an amazing man. He will be forever missed and in my heart. R.I.P. James Reis Jr. A.K.A Erik

  2. a witness to James Reis Jr's crash on September 23, 2011 at 5:29 am said:

    This, and the rest of the recent fatal motorcycle crashes should be a eye opener to all teens, through mid-twenties, who think that flying along the highway & trying to negotiate very tight turns – on a motorcycle – at well over 100 miles an hour – is just plain stupid. I saw this guy about 1 minute before his crash & if I was going 75 – he had to have been going 125 – he flew past, zipping thru traffic – by 2 or 3 lanes at a time, went between lanes (between cars) & thought he could get off 95 north to 595 west & actually make that turn ?? no way !! I knew before I saw, that this guy was going to die .. & I thought, and wished I could have yelled out to him … “slow the eff down – ur gonna get killed”.

    Not that this would have helped, because at the ages mentioned, kids think they are invincible, they think they are “pro” at riding. Well, let me tell you, that being “pro” takes YEARS of practice.
    With the bad economy, and gas prices so high, it is certain that there are more people riding motorcycles, these “kids” would be better off in a car, because they just don’t know how to control their need for speed, and underestimate the power of their “gixxer”. May he rest in peace, because he pretty much slammed in to the wall, hit & took down a pole, which bent him in half, before he went flying over the guardrail. The impact of that most likely caused his death. And the sad thing is, is that I JUST KNEW IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN. I saw what he didn’t, and it saddens me deeply. I saw his riderless bike as I rounded that same curve, and I was shaking, angry, sad, mad, upset – & I didnt even know him. (I heard his bike went around the bend nearly a quarter mile from the crash site – which tells you about the speed at which he was travelling)

    1) Kids should READ THE NEWS to see how often this happens at the 95/595 junction. (& everywhere for that matter – teens & early twenties are dying on motorcycles now, more than ever)
    2) higher walls, fences – or other baracades need to be installed to prevent further “accidents” (this case was plain & simple not an “accident”, it was a young kid, unfamiliar with negotiating extreme curves at high speed and failure to take physics in to account). Think of carnival rides that go a fraction of the speed, but the outer one on the flying bob, or arctic whatever, is the one to get squashed. Its called centrifugal force & gets more extreme at higher rates of speed.
    On April 1, my daughter’s friend Nic Fullerton died at the same interchange, at only 19 – because he thought he was “pro” – and since then there have been more fatal crashes. The 2 who landed on the railroad tracks for instance.


    • Rico Tubbs on September 23, 2011 at 9:43 pm said:

      First of all Erik was a rider , he knew the limits of the bike and he was a grown man not some young kid. As someone who knew him personally from when he was 14 to now let me correct you on that. Second of all there are several seasoned riders who die at this same bend as well as younger members of society, so please lay off the bashing I have to put my best friend to rest Monday night. But I would like to talk to u personally , I would appreciate if i could talk with u about his last moments that you witnessed .

  3. Jennifer on September 27, 2011 at 12:01 am said:

    R.I.P Erik… I love you so much, you will be eternally missed!!!

  4. Jennifer on September 27, 2011 at 12:16 am said:

    To the person that witnessed the crash… i wish you would have yelled, screamed, done anything possible!!!! I know he wasnt family to you, but he was to me and many others leaving comments on here. But, his funeral was just a few hours ago, and now he is gone… I loved this person with my whole heart and soul. He meant the world to me. Ever since he was a child, working with his father on anything he could get his hands on whether it was a bike, a car, or motorcycle. He knew how to drive…thats for sure. As for the speeding thing, yea he loved to go fast. I personaly dont believe he was going that fast around that curve,but i wasnt there. and from what i heard he was on his way to my house at that time. I wish i would have been able to see him one last time, but its too late. The only thing that i can possibly see, that makes me feel any better about his passing, is that he is now with his Savior, his father , and his child in heaven. So, this is my goodbye to you, say hello to your father for me, take care of our baby and I await the day that we are reunited. I love you so much and I will miss you that much more!!!!!xoxoxoxo<3 love…ur, jenny poo.

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