New Jersey Turnpike South Closed at Exit 18

New Jersey (November 7, 2011)  A serious accident has closed the southbound lanes of the New Jersey Turnpike / I-95.  The accident around 9 p.m. Between 18W-Carlstadt.and Exit 16W and involved a minivan and a tanker loaded with gasoline.  The crash caused the tanker to explode resulting in a major fire.  All Southbound traffic is being diverted off of the New Jersey turnpike at Exit 68 onto Route 46.

Authorities have been able to extinguish the blaze however it will take some time to clean up the roadway.

According to the New Jersey State Police the collision occurred when a Honda Odyssey, driven by Yayah Bah, was attempting to change lanes and back up into the high speed EZ Pass lane in front of the tanker.  The gasoline tanker, driven by Howard Kiefers slammed into the Odyssey.

At least nine people have been injured, one person sustain serious head trauma and were transported to Hackensack Medical Center.  The driver of the tanker, Howard Kiefers was able to exit the vehicle before it exploded.

24 year-old Madagbe Sannoh is in critical condition.  Two daughter of the driver, Kadijatu Bah, 14,and Isata Bah, 8, are also in critical condition.

The New Jersey Turnpike was re-opened around 6:00 a.m. this morning.

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