One Dead, Four Injured on Interstate 95 in Southern Florida

North, Miami Florida ( January 31, 2011) – A four year-old girl is dead and a teen hospitalized after a nighttime high speed crash near the 135th Street exit on I-95 in Southern Florida.

Witnesses reported a black Chevy Camaro speeding down Interstate 95 which then rear-ended a green Toyota. The Toyota crashed into the concrete median at high impact and burst into flames, trapping a mother, Marie Lonise Desir, and two daughters, ages four and six. Onlookers pulled out the mother and daughters, but the four year-old girl,  Roldinise Desir, was later pronounced dead at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Driver, Shawn Edmond Cody, 22, and the 16 year old passenger remain hospitalized. Doctors are monitoring the teen for brain activity and believe she will likely need to have one of her eyes reconstructed.

Police have drawn Cody’s blood to test for drugs and alcohol. If test results indicate driving under the influence, the family of the deceased four year-old plans to press charges.

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