Our Mission

So what is the purpose of AccidentOn95.com? Simple – we wanted to create a site that serves as a single source of information regarding accidents, major and minor, which occur everyday on this major thoroughfare from Maine to Florida.

Our hope is that by bringing awareness to the volume of motor vehicle accidents happening on this road, people will be more conscious when driving on I–95, or any roadway for that matter.  Maybe our expectations are too high, but it’s worth it if just one more person decides to wear a seat belt, or drives a little slower during inclimate weather.

Many accidents on these roadways are avoidable. And what is even more disturbing is that far too many fatalities could have been avoided if a seat belt had been worn.

Although most of us are probably guilty of speeding and weaving through lanes in hopes of getting somewhere faster; however, these types of behaviors increase the chances of us never reaching our destination.

No matter what brought you to our site, please remember to stay alert, drive safely and always buckle up!

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