Overturned Logging Truck Snarls Traffic on I-95

Virginia (December 5, 2011)   A truck driver avoided serious injuries when his log truck overturned on I-95 at Exit 130A in Fredericksburg.  The accident happened at 3:03 p.m. when a logging truck failed to negotiate a curve on the onramp to I-95 south according to the Virginia State Police.

The driver, John Wayne Smith, 67, of Fredericksburg was traveling west on Route 3 and was attempting to go south on Interstate 95 when the logging truck rolled over onto the driver’s side, littering the roadway with logs.  The overturned truck was blocking the three southbound lanes of travel.

John Wayne Smith was not injured in the accident.

Authorities had to close the three lanes of travel as crews worked to clean up the debris and upright the tractor-trailer.  Traffic was backed up for over ten miles as only one lane was able to squeeze by on the right hand shoulder.

Police were able to re-open all lanes at 5:15 p.m.

Trooper A.J. Falkner investigated the accident and said speed was a factor in the crash.  The driver of the tractor-trailer, John Wayne Smith has been charged with reckless driving.


I-95 South Fredericksburg, Va

One Thought on “Overturned Logging Truck Snarls Traffic on I-95

  1. These tractor trailors are getting completely out of control! And what gets me, is the state does nothing about it. Less than a year ago I saw something on the news saying police will start cracking down on safety violations with tractor trailers and I do not see that happening at all! I was stuck in traffic for 3 hours yesterday because some moron was speeding and lost all logs on 95? He was only charged with wreckless driving for shutting down 95? Gimme a break! Something seriously needs to happen about this! Also, all roads were not reopened by 5:15. I drove by at 5:40 and they were just reopening the lanes. When is someone going to notice 95% of all these accidents now are ALL tractor trailor?

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