Police Cruiser Invovled In 6 Car Pile Up on I-95

Pennsylvania (December 20, 2011)  A police officer was involved in a crash on I-95 south in Delaware County.  The crash happened near Exit 8-Ridley Park at 10:21 p.m. and involved a police cruiser and five other vehicles according to the Pennsylvania State Police.

The six vehicle pile up happened in the construction zone area of I-95 south.  A 1997 GMC Pickup truck, driven by Nifate Williams became disabled and stopped in the right lane.  A Ford Crown Victoria police cruiser, a Kia Sorrent and a GMC Sonoma were also heading south on I-95 in the right hand lane with two vehicles in the center lanes, a Dodge Charger and a Mercedes-Benz E350.

Officer Jason Hoover, driving the police cruiser attempted to change into the center lanes as he came upon the disabled pickup truck when he struck the Sorrento, driven by Daniel Sparks, on the rear driver side.  Hoover than collided with the Charger, driven by Keith Eisenhauer.  The cruiser then caroomed back into the right lane crashing into the Sonoma, driven by Edward Poppert.  Poppert was pushed into the disabled pickup truck.  John Mulhern, driving the Mercedes than struck Hoover on the rear passenger side.

Officer Jason Hoover was injured and transported to Crozer Hospital.  Rhonda Green, a passenger in pickup truck also sustained injuries and was taken to Crozer Hospital.

Pensylvania State Police state that everyone was wearing seatbelts.

Authorities were forced to close all lanes of Interstate 95 south for a short period of time as crews worked to assist the injured and remove the damaged vehicles.  Traffic quickly backed up on the busy Interstate.

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