Port St. John Fires Continues to Burn

Cocoa, Florida on March 22 – Fire crews are still working on putting out the five fires deliberately set on Monday afternoon.  The fires continue to burn over 38 acres of land at I-95 and Port St. John Parkway. 

Both roadways were closed early Tuesday morning as the smoke, wind and fog created treacherous conditions.  At least one accident occurred just south of exit 208.  Officials suspect that I-95 will be closed again on Wednesday morning.

Tuesday afternoon firefighters were forced to temporarily stop their efforts.  Due to the dry conditions and terrain, the brush fires were making the ground so hot, some of the firefighters were seeing walking out with melted boots.

State Department of Agriculture reports that four investigators have been assigned to the arson case.  Some official believe it will be difficult to find the arson suspect(s).  “It’s going to take somebody seeing them, getting a tag number or something, and that’s going to be the break that law enforcements going to need.” said Brevard County’s  Fire Rescue District Chief, Jeff Money.

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