Shotgun Robbery on I-95

North Carolina (August 28, 2011)  Sunday around 6 p.m. five people were held up by a shotgun wielding robber on I-95 just past exit 25-US 301.  Angela Greene was driving a 2007 Dodge Nitro with four passengers southbound on I-95 when the vehicle was hit by a shotgun blast.  Greene pulled over to inspect the vehicle, unaware the damage was from a shotgun blast.

When Angela Green and her passengers, Maggie Hennigan, Cathleatha Richardson, Frankie Weaver, and Charles Jackson inspected the damage, they soon realized the vehicle had been hit with a shotgun blast.  They immediately called 911 and got back into the Dodge Nitro locking the doors as they waited for police to arrive.

That is when a masked gunman, wearing a grey hooded sweat shirt pointed the shotgun at the driver, Angela Green, trying to break the window with the butt of his gun.  Cathleatha Richardson, Angela Green’s mother got out of the Dodge Nitro, pleading with the masked gunman.  After taking the wallets from several of the victims, the gunman took off into the woods.

The victims then drove south on Interstate 95 to exit 22-Lumberton to wait for Police.

The Robeson County Sheriff’s Office is investigating this incident.  The suspect was wearing a grey hooded sweat shirt and had on a black mask.  Authorities believe the suspect may have attempted a robbery at the Sun-Do on U.S. 301, just prior to this incident.

If you have any information regarding this incident, please call the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office at 910 671-3000.

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