Suspect Vehicle crashes with Tractor-Trailer on I-95

Virginia (November 11,2011)  A car accident involving a tractor-trailer and silver Chevrolet Impala occurred this afternoon on I-95 north.  According to Virginia State Police a “be on the look out” for the Impala was issued as a suspect vehicle involving a theft in Fredricksburg.Soon after the alert was issued VSP Trooper M.A. Shaver saw the vehicle traveling on I-95 north and attempted to stop the car.  A chase ensued into Prince William County where the suspect car pulled into a car rest area near mile marker 150 and attempted to merge back onto I-95 colliding with a tractor-trailer.  One of the larceny suspects was seriously injured and helicoptered to Fairfax Hospital.  The other two men escaped on foot.

The two men are wanted in connection with the theft of a T.V. and computer from the Walmart in Central park.

State Police are asking anyone with information to contact the VSP at 1-800-572-4510 or #77 by cell phone.  The suspects are two black men wearing blue jeans, one is wearing a green sweatshirt.

One Thought on “Suspect Vehicle crashes with Tractor-Trailer on I-95

  1. So did they get the two other guys or what? The traffic from this accident was horrible! The guy they left was hurt badly.

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