Tractor-Trailer Moving Van Rear-ends Truck Killing One

Georgia (June 4, 2011) A Florida man was killed when the Tractor-Trailer Moving van he was a passenger in rear-ended another Tractor-trailer in Glynn County.   Ryan Shannon Breen Fortin, was a passenger in a truck driven by Joseph Marvin Glenn, that collided with a Tractor-trailer, driven by Joseph Alston.  Ryan Shannon Breen Fortin was killed in the accident and it is unknown if he was wearing a seat belt.   According to the Georgia State Patrol both trucks were northbound on I-95.  Joseph Marvin Glenn was wearing his seat belt and sustained minor injuries. Joseph Alston was not injured.

According to an unidentified witness “Straight truck ran into back of Tractor trailer and it didnt look good for straight truck driver. His cab was a mangled mess and the semi trailer was opened like a banana and it looked like it hit so hard that it knocked the tires part way off the rims on the trailer”

I-95 was shut down for almost four hours during the investigation and cleanup from the wreck.

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