Tractor-trailer Overturns in Henrico

Virginia (December, 02, 2011)  The driver of a tractor-trailer was seriously injured in a rollover accident on I-95 in Henrico County.  Just after 3:30 a.m., the Virginia State Police responded to an overturned tractor-trailer accident at Exit 84B on southbound I-95.

According to Sergeant Thomas J. Molnar of the Virginia State Police, the driver, Mike L. Hylton Jr., was traveling south when he lost control of the 2007 Freightliner tractor-trailer on the ramp.  The truck struck the left metal guardrail and overturned.  The fully loaded tractor-trailer spilled some its cargo of empty liquor bottles, and trapped Hylton as the vehicle came to rest on its roof.

It took rescue crews about 90 minutes to extricate Hylton from the wreckage.  Mike L. Hylton Jr., 31, of Osgood, Indiana, sustained serious injuries and was transported to VCU Medical Center.

State police have closed the ramp, as crews work to clean up the debris and transfer the remaining cargo of the tractor-trailer.  Police expect to re-open the ramp sometime this afternoon.

Sergeant Thomas J. Molnar states speed was a factor. Hylton has been charged with reckless driving in the accident.

2 Thoughts on “Tractor-trailer Overturns in Henrico

  1. I saw this scene. It looked very scary, the way the 18 wheeler was upside down. I was like, WTF is this. I drive on I-95 a lot and most of the time its loaded with 18-wheelers. You will not believe how many of them go reckless. I have seen many of them going beyond 80 mph too and cutting aggressively. Also I have seen them use the left lane when they are not supposed to. These 18 wheeler drivers have no patience and are under huge pressure to deliver the merchandise by a certain deadline. A serious review is needed of their practices.

  2. Amit- I completely agree with you! These tractor trailors are getting completely out of control! And what gets me, is the state does nothing about it. Less than a year ago I saw something on the news saying police will start cracking down on safety violations with tractor trailers and I do not see that happening at all! I was stuck in traffic for 3 hours yesterday because some moron was speeding and lost all logs on 95. He was only charged with wreckless driving for shutting down 95? Gimme a break! I agree a review is needed by both police and tractor trailer drivers. This is just getting ridiculous!

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