Tractor-trailers overturn in South Carolina

South Carolina (July 28, 2011)  According to the South Carolina Highway Patrol two tractor-trailer drivers were injured on Interstate 95 Thursday evening around 7 p.m. after a crash near Exit 42 US Highway 21.  A tractor-trailer sustained a front tire blow out, causing the driver to lose control of the semi in the southbound lanes striking a second tractor-trailer that was not hauling a trailer.

The trucks careened off of I-95, flipping over in the median just before the ramp to Exit 42.  The bobtail was heavily damaged in the wreck, the cab was torn from the chassis landing on its roof.  The driver of the bobtail was ejected from the cab and seriously injured, he was flown to Memorial Health in Savannah, Georgia.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol report the striking tractor-trailer overturned, littering the roadside with cargo.  The driver of truck was transported by ambulance to Colleton medical Center.

State Transport Police and the SCHP are investigating the accident.

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