Suspect killed, Trooper injured in shooting on I-95 south

Virginia(December 8, 2011)  A Virginia State Police trooper and a suspect have been shot on Interstate 95 south.  Sr. Trooper M. H. Hamer was responding to call about a pedestrian on the roadway near mile marker 116 at 3:24 p.m. in Caroline County when the incident occurred.

The Trooper located the suspect on I-95 south and was attempting to place the male suspect in the police cruiser when a struggle ensued and shots were fired.

The suspect was seriously injured and flown to Mary Washington Hospital with life-threatening injuries according to the Virginia State Police.  Sr. Trooper M. H. Hamer was shot in the leg and transported by ambulance to Mary Washington Hospital in Fredericksburg with serious non-life threatening injuries.

Authorities closed all southbound lanes on I-95 as they investigated the scene and assisted the injured parties.  Currently, only a single lane of traffic is able to squeeze by on I-95 south at the 116 mile marker.

The Virginia State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation’s Richmond Field Office and its Shooting Investigation Team are investigating the incident


The Virginia State Police are still investigating the shooting on I-95 that injured Senior Trooper Michael H. Hamer and the suspect, Herbert J. Wheeler Jr.  Authorities from the State Police state that Wheeler died early this morning at Mary Washington Hospital.

Around 1:30 p.m. Virginia State Police responded to the report of an abandoned vehicle on I-95 south at the 120 mile marker.  The driver, Herbert J. Wheeler Jr., 32, had abandoned a 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe in the center median and fled on foot into the woods when a special agent had stop Wheeler for reckless driving.  The special agent conducted a search in the area, but was unable to locate Wheeler.

A tractor-trailer driver, pulled onto the shoulder of I-95 to inspect a tire near mile marker 118 around 2:30 p.m. when Wheeler attempted to entry the vehicle.  Wheeler again fled into the woods.

Trooper Hamer responded to the second sighting of Wheeler and discovered the suspect walking along the shoulder of I-95 at mile marker 116 in Caroline County.  After placing the suspect in the unmarked cruiser, “a violent struggle ensued.  During the struggle,  the suspect attempted to take control of the troopers service weapon when the weapon discharged striking the trooper in the leg.  As the violent struggle continued inside the troopers vehicle, the trooper returned fire with another weapon.” according to the report from the Virginia State Police.

Trooper Hamer sustained a gunshot wound to his leg and was severely bleeding.  Thanks to three good Samaritans who stopped and offered first aid to the injured trooper until rescue personnel arrived.  Trooper Hamer remains at Mary Washington Hospital where he is recovering from a gunshot wound to his leg.

Sr. Trooper M. H. Hamer I-95

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  1. We had jumped on I 95 @8:15pm and over 3 hours
    Later we are still grid locked at mm 120.8. Is this related to the pedestrian/trooper incident?

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