Vehicle Hit by Shotgun Blast on I-95, Alleged Gunman Arrested

North Carolina (November 6, 2011)  A vehicle traveling north on I-95 was hit by a shotgun blast by a would be robber.  Jane Cummings was driving a 1998 Ford Expedition north on Interstate 95 with her boyfriend Kenneth Stackhouse around 6 a.m. near Exit 25.  As the vehicle was approaching the underpass at exit 25 the front hood of the Ford Expedition was hit by a shotgun blast.

The blast disabled the engine and Cummings pulled onto the right shoulder of Interstate 95.  Several minutes later as the couple sat in the vehicle, Jimmy Locklear approached the driver’s side of the vehicle with a shotgun demanding money.  Cummings and Stackhouse go out of the Expedition.

Kenneth Stackhouse seized the opportunity to rush the armed gunman and a struggle ensued.  While the two men struggled on the ground, Jane Cummings was able to retrieve a gun from inside the vehicle.  Thankfully, Kenneth Stackhouse was able to overpower Jimmy Locklear and detain him until Sheriff’s deputies arrived.

Jimmy Locklear, 23, was arrested and bail has been set at $200,000.  A police photograph taken during the booking shows the alleged gunman sustained numerous facial injuries during the struggle.

Thank you for a brave and heroic Mr. Kenneth Stackhouse.

The Robeson County Sheriff’s Office is investigating whether this act was in any way related to two prior shootings on I-95, Passenger shot on I-95 : October 31, 2011 and Shotgun Robbery on I-95: August 28, 2011.

Police Photo of Jimmy Locklear

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