Teen’s vehicle plunges into canal

Florida (July 24,2011)  According to the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue a vehicle driven by an 18 year-old woman plunged into the canal shortly after 9:00 a.m. when it left the northbound lanes of Interstate 95 near Exit 66/Forest Hill Boulevard.  The young driver, Jasmine Gonzalez,  had drifted out of her lane and over-corrected causing her to lose control of the vehicle.  The vehicle crossed the three right hand lanes of I-95, over turning onto its roof as it plunged into the canal.

Thankfully, six people quickly stopped to help the accident victim as the vehicle was partially submerged.  They jumped into the canal and with heroic efforts were able to flip the vehicle onto its side.  Don DeLucia of Palm Beach County Fire Rescue said the actions of rescuers “basically saved her life”.

Update:  According to CBS12 News we have learned of the identity of two of the people that rescued Jasmine Gonzalez. Without hesitation Todd and Linda Truemper came to the aid of stranger.  Jasmine Gonzalez was in grave danger as her Chevy Cobalt had plunged into the canal.  Here is a list of the other people who participated in the rescue,  Keith Richard, Jeffery Lasiner, Erik Hadad, Alkobi Danier and Eric Ieesheckobi.  Their heroic actions saved the life of the young driver.

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