Woman survives brick crashing through windshield on I-95

Maine (September 2, 2011)  A brick smashed through the front windshield of a vehicle on I-95 south according to the Maine State Police.  Dorine Deschaine was traveling south on I-95 near Exit 180 when her vehicle was struck by a brick that flew out of the trailer being pulled by  a pickup truck.

The unknown blue pickup truck was pulling a trailer loaded with miscellaneous junk that was not properly secured when a brick flew out of the trailer.  The brick ricocheted off of the roadway and onto the hood of Dechaine’s vehicle, before it finally smashed through the front windshield on the passenger side.

Thankfully, the front passenger seat was unoccupied.  Dorine Deschaine was not seriously injured, but the car did sustain extensive damage.

The Maine State Police are investigating this accident.

If you witnessed this accident or have information regarding the blue pickup truck please contact the Maine State Police.

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